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good and cute game! but If this game can change a little bit, I think it would be good to lower the level of difficulty!


I played this game in a random games its so cute and challenging and overall fun thanks for making this game 

Awesome video, thanks for the review!


the cat is so cute, the colors and sound are excellent too but I can't jump in the game so I can't go anywhere 

Nice chilly experience! The mood is very well set and the game is fun!!!!

How save progress in this game???

you don't, its a very short game anyway though so I'm sure you can complete it in one sitting


Just noticed it as (I guess) featured game, when visiting itch's page & I like it's title, generally that most games refer to sleeping as saving-status, while this one seems to start there. Also cool levels in that screenshot, I'm more the riddle-based type than "jump 'n run"-games. Anyway the background details e.g.  furnitures and deco next to spikes, looks cute (same for the protagonist as kawaii-similar kitten and kinda statements there).

Cool colours of levels e.g. greenish or orange-red or blueish-levels, my device couldnt handle much space or graphic, so I'd mainly refer to watched lets-play versions and currently based on screenshot pics :-)

Amazing game deserves more attention!

Nice platformer.

The ending is a bit abrupt, was expecting some payoff or twist.

The atmosphere and music is super unique

I do a weekly series on reviewing games on itch! The game chosen fof this week is Dreamin' Cat! Hope you like the review and the feedback! 

what platfor, do you use?

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Hey bro, i liked so much your game, and recently, i stay searching for some courses free for programing, did you know about anyone?

That last part almost made me rage lol

I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.

wow comment style is soo cute


It is Purrfect. 

It's a good challenge during the last few sections, and it's appreciated that the atmosphere is thickening between passages. 

Greetings and good job.

it's perfect, nice work!

good game ;)



Nice game! Really cute and moody!

good job!!

Great game!!!

lo podrias hacer para mac porfavor?

Great Stuff :) There was a couple tricky moments but its still a awesome project 

I want it but I on mobile

This was a really nice game. I'm quite fond of platformers in general, but I really like how this game utilized the double jump as being a necessity to solve puzzles. Really fun!

I made it through! It was definitely a cute relaxing game with no difficultly spike! 

The game was great and the controls were tight. It proved quite difficult but i would be excited to see more!

Great game! I was quite stressed with jumping to different platforms. 

thank you, really nice

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great game but gets very difficult sometimes. I felt really nice after completing the game.

pls subscribe if you like the video

Ahh, Finally, A good Cat game


Cat bird? Super cat tales? Hello?

i agree if SUpercast, finally a good cat game

or am i?


stupid game i aint installing it


Its a fun little platformer game :D
Good Work!

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Cute game and fun little atmospheric platformer for fans of VVVVVV or Celeste. Definitely worth the 5-10 minutes it will take to complete.

I tried playing the game twice: once trying to kill all the ghosts (easy) and once trying to avoid them all (near impossible), but it didn't seem to have much impact. I thought there might be something deeper going on here, especially with the creepy monster in the dark hallway, but [unless there's something I missed] I guess there's just not much substance other than a cute cat hopping their way through a nightmare looking for a tasty snack.

Oddly creepy despite how cute the game is! Very enjoyable!


Creo que es el mejor juego indie de plataformas que he jugado, los sprites son hermosos, y la musica tambien,

y ese ambiente de misterio...<3 10/10


I like the game, but its a little annoying that you c'ant save. I needed to restart from the beginning,

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