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This game was awesome, but there were 2 times where the collision detection with the ghosts was slightly not by much but slightly off, maybe that was intended though.

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So. Many. Questions. 

Firstly thank you for the short but enjoyable platformer. loved the art, music, atmosphere and the platforming. But,


What is that thing in the dark corridor?

Why does it just disappear when I get close to it?

Is it the thing that makes all does scratching, twisting sounds?

What is the repeating TV AD line advertising? Some kinda New year insurance advertisement?

Why is there a toilet in this nightmare world? Why does it looked so out of this place? Why is the key specifically in the toilet?

Is it possible to jump over the food and go for the exit?

Is there different endings?

Is the ending line a lie? Cause the cat is back into the dream world.

Who is the cat? Is it representing you fockX?

Is the whole dream inspired by the dreams you had?

And where can I get that calm, ominous BGM?

I want answers! Tell me! TELL ME!!

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and i made a fanart! thank u for this game :з


Thats so cute <3


Was a very good game but ma wrist hurts.

this game is soo cool, sad that is that short, hope to see more sometime


I made a first impressions video on the game!

Good luck in future development!

AMAZING! ilove the littel animations and all that! 

and I am really suprised but this is probaly my favoriot game!!!!!

i played your game and it was really fun and i enjoyed it. it would really help if you could check out my channel and possible subscribe! thank you!!

Cool game


i already play the game but i just get really stuck on the level who says "i hate this". this was heavy and fun but sadly i don't have the same luck to end the game bc i couldn't pass that level. Sorry! but nice game 


the art is cute, and the animation is also cute. the mechanics was never introduced in the game so i was testing some keys for a bit. i was scared on the horror bit, but thats probably just bcs im a scaredy cat haha. i got stuck in a level for about 17 minutes, and i got out bcs of luck, so that might have been a problem. other than that, it was a really good game! thank u for making it! 

for those who wants to see the gameplay, i posted a video about my gameplay

again, thank u for making this nice game!


Got stuck at the wall jumping bit, other than that it was a really cool game, I really enjoyed this game for what I could get to. Thanks for the challenge!


This game was really fun to play! It's a bit short, I'd have liked to see how you'd go about ramping up the difficulty a little less abruptly. I have to say that I am very intrigued by some of your mechanics, especially the smartly-designed 'checkpoint' system. Wonderful job!

Very unique, and challenging game. I had to get used to the jumps and the spikes. The background radio sounds almost got me to believe that it was an ad playing separately on my computer. Other then that, Great Job!


I really liked it. People are complaining of the difficulty, but I thought it was easy. Probably because I used to be a Leap Day god (mobile game with the same controls). If I had to give any critiques, it would be to make some more levels and add a bit more story. I don't know if the cat is stuck in a nightmare or is something supernatural happening? Anyways, good job and I will be looking forward to a bigger game or a sequel, should you make one.


Fun, but incredibly hard.  I was intrigued by the story and atmosphere.  My only complaints are that the controls are never properly taught in game (I had to just know I could double jump?), the difficulty ramps up way to fast, and that it's too short.  Although given the rather abrupt ending I got, I may have missed something on that front.


i havent played the game but it looks really spoookyyy


Cool game. Seriously challenging. Lol.




This game really frustrated me at some point,but it was a very...shall i say..intruiging game.

here's some gameplay for all you 2d gamers out there


ello there uh so at the ending it was fr really scary and so uh i exited the game tab and now its black uh and so ye anyways i would rate this a soliddddddd 6/10 so yeah

Lovely Game

Joder que buen juego, acabo de descargarloo y dejé de hacer mi tarea XD, muy entretenido uwu

ya it is the boom!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was really struggling at some parts of the games but I really like it.

Here's tha gameplay I did:


what engine was this made in

Game Maker Studio 2


Most adorable spooky cat game I've played this month. 😻

Really fun little platforming game with great music and visuals, would love to see a sequel or a full version, awesome work!

wow cool game! But I miss a tutorial. I had to test where to jump (z? really? :D)

But I really like the Art and Music! Very well done!

We need non windows options! Mac, Browser play! This game looks great

It has interesting game mechanics, great art/visuals, and music that really sets the mood. The level design could use some work though.


Cool Game :)

Really cohesive aestetic, and fantastic feeling controls!


This is the first game I have downloaded and played on but damn im impresse.d The art of the game is very relaxing and charming. I love the story and concept.

but sometimes I got a little bit scared...

The game is pretty hard but not impossible.The music is very nice. This is a game that is definitely worth playing.


Very cool and I like the pixel art. Cooler than most platformers. Well looped. In what software is this made in?

I would definitely like to create something like this.

how do you jump?

Big bruh.

My jump doesn't work


Awesome game! Improved my platforming skills.

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